The Invention Convention - Teacher Welcome

Welcome to The Invention Convention! This section of the website will provide you with all of the answers that you need to get started with the program in your schools. All of the program and support materials are online so you can get started with your students right away.

If you're familiar with the program you already know how much it benefits students and how much they love it, and if this is your first experience with The Invention Convention, take a look around and let us know if you have any questions.

The Invention Convention is Fun, Free, & Flexible. Fun - most students really enjoy the program, you might be amazed at how excited they are about inventing and taking part in the program. Plus you will see the benefits of the program in your students first hand. Free - that's right, thanks to our many great sponsors the whole program is free - participation is free, materials are on-line, even those amazing assemblies are free. Flexible - we don't dictate how school districts implement the program. Our goal is get as many students involved, so if you can only go through the program with a small group of students that's OK, if you want to involve a whole grade or school that's OK too. We want the program to be fun for you too, so it's really up to each district how it best fits in their schools.

Take a look around, and if you have any questions, just let us know, and Thank You for giving your students this great opportunity.

Here are the basics: the program is for students K-8. It's designed to recognize students (and schools and teachers) for creating a new solution to a problem in their everyday lives. We work with local teachers by providing them with the materials and support to run the program in their schools. Coordinators are responsible for determining the finalists for The Regional Invention Convention Competition. We award over 50 prizes to students. We work with local and national media to feature the students' accomplishments. We know your students can do this! We've seen thousands of students participate over the years and they develop some great inventions! You will be impressed!

Website Information:

There are lots of videos and photos posted throughout the website, so even though this section concentrates the most important information to teachers and schools here, you may find othere areas of the website useful too. Take a look around, we have lots of fun and useful information everywhere.