The Invention Convention - What's Next...

We will be adding more to this page over the coming months.

After The Invention Convention we work will local and national media to share the good news about your students. We work directly with the producers of a few shows that feature kid inventors so we will be contacting them about some of the great students that participated in our program. With a little luck, and a little hard work you will see and hear about Invention Convention students.

Students are encouraged to continue to use the skills they've learned through the program and continue to invent. We have many students that participate in the program year after year. Even after they win one of the top prizes they still continue to solve problems.

Some students also reasearch the future potential of their inventions. We do work with some patent lawyers and law firms (Pearne & Gordon, LLP in Cleveland) that can help you determine the potential of the product and explain the patent, provisional patent process. We will post some additional information here soon about patents.

In Columbus, some years Cherylyn works with some of The Invention Convention students through "Bridge The Gap." The Bridge The Gap program explores with students what they can do next with their inventions. Michael Vawter was one of those students and now he's in The National Gallery for America's Young Inventors - you can watch a clip of him below.

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Many people come up with great ideas, but most don't follow through with them and actually invent something. Kids you've done just that! You are inventors! Continue to look around and when you see problems, find solutions. Write them down and who knows where it can take you. You can do it, because you've already done it once!