The Invention Convention

"The Invention Convention - Supporting, Inspiring, Encouraging, Rewarding, And Recognizing Ohio Students, K-8, who develop new solutions to everyday problems. Encouraging them to dream, helping them to believe, getting them to 'just think,' and then to create. Celebrating and rewarding them for their hard work, accomplishments, and success."

Inspiring and Encouraging Students by Creating an Opportunity for them to Excel.

The Invention Convention is all about the kids. It is a program designed to inspire, encourage, reward, and recognize students, K-8, for using their creativity and imagination in developing new solutions to everyday problems. The program is both fun and educational for students. It teaches them important life skills and helps them become creative problem solvers. Many of our young inventors have also taken their ideas to the next step getting provisional or full patents and/or working with a company to turn their idea into a product that is now in stores. Participants also have the opportunity to win college scholarships – we have award over $650,000 in scholarships to Ohio students over the last 15 years.

Supporting Local Teachers and Schools by making this program free for them.

The Invention Convention is a turnkey program and comes to schools fully funded so there are no costs to students, teachers, or school districts. We provide all of the materials: student journals, workbooks, and teacher lesson planning guides. We also offer inspirational and highly interactive assemblies to help encourage and support students to solve problems and invent.

Sharing the Great News about Great Kids.

We actively work with local and national media to share the great things that students, teachers, and schools do everyday. The Invention Convention is a program designed to bring out and highlight these accomplishments. Past winners have appeared in local newspapers, on local news shows, and on Leno, Ellen, and Montel.

Developing Community Partnerships to Provide Opportunities to Students.

The Invention Convention is run by Just Think Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on building partnership with local businesses and foundations to bring this program to students. We know what this program does for students – it builds confidence, it teaches resilience, it inspires and encourages them to think and to act, and it helps them go to college.  We are always looking for additional partners, sponsors and supporters to help bring this program to students, because we are working on building a community that supports and encourages students by giving them opportunities.


To find out more, feel free to contact Just Think Inc. We can’t do this program without you – the students, the parents, the teachers, the partners & the sponsors.


Here are some of the awards students can win:

State Finals - Grand Prize $15,000
Regional Finals - Grand Prize $2,500
Kindergaten - 2nd Grade - 1st place $500
3rd Grade - 1st place $500
4th Grade - 1st place $500
5th Grade - 1st place $500
6th Grade - 1st place $500
7th & 8th Grade- 1st place $500
+ Additional Prizes!!!  
Teacher of Excellence Award  

"The Invention Convention is the belief that every child is an inventor. If you teach kids to just think, to pay attention, provide them the right environment and tools, and remove the fear of failure, kids can do amazing things."


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