The Invention Convention - Event Day Continued.

Event Day Part 1 - Setting Up, Badges, Requirements.


The 2013 Rules for all regions.


The student invention area is open to the public until 11:00 am. At 11 the invention areas are closed so that judges can preview inventions. Judging then starts at Noon and runs until 2:30 pm. There are 4 judge sessions with a half hour break at 1:00 pm for the judges. Only students with the corresponding badge color and judges are allowed in the invention areas during that judge session. Each student or student team of 2 will talk with two judges during their judging session.

Once all students have been judged twice, we calculate the results. While we calculate the results the invention areas are opened up to the public again and we usually have some entertainment on the main stage as we get ready for the awards ceremony.

Here are the evaluation guidelines.


Once all results have been calculated, we begin the awards ceremony at the designated time. Remember winners need to be present to win. During the awards ceremony we award 50 additional prizes to superior innovators, 6 first place awards - one for each grade category, and 1 Grand Prize winner! We also award a "Teacher of Excellence Award" to a local teacher, recognize the finalists for Time Warner Cable's "Coolest Creation" Contest, and we usually award a few additional prizes.

After the awards ceremony, all students gather up their inventions. We photograph and interview some of the 1st place and grand prize winners.


Some Prizes You Could Win:
State Finals - Grand Prize $15,000
Regional Finals - Grand Prize $2,500
Kindergaten - 2nd Grade - 1st place $500
3rd Grade - 1st place $500
4th Grade - 1st place $500
5th Grade - 1st place $500
6th Grade - 1st place $500
7th & 8th Grade- 1st place $500
+ Additional Prizes!!!  
Teacher of Excellence Award